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BC Barrel Futurity Derby Incentive Rules


BC Futurity Derby Incentive Rules & Information

The BCFDI Futurity/Derby season is November 15 - September 9 

The cut-off for nominations is September 9 of each season.


The Futurity is open to horses 5 years of age or younger of the competing year. The horse must never have competed prior to November 15 of last year in any barrel race, including play days, horse shows, rodeos or novice horse events. Futurity horses have one (1) year of eligibility. The Derby is open to horses 7 years of age and younger, there are no rules on prior competition for the Derby.

Futurity/Derby Nomination Rules

All Futurity and Derby horses must be nominated into the BCFDI program. To nominate a horse you must submit a nomination form, copy of registration papers (or vet affidavit as to age) and payment of $50 for nomination fee. The only qualification requirement to enter the BCFDI Finals is to attend at least one BCFDI side pot race throughout the season.  NO ENTRY FEES WILL BE REFUNDED for the BCFDI Finals. Horse/Rider substitutions for BCFDI will be allowed with a $50.00 substitution fee per change, and a vet or doctor’s affidavit confirming the individual’s or horses inability to compete. (family member substitution are still $50 per change). No horse substitutions are allowed once BCFDI Finals Entries are closed. The nomination follows the horse, any rider is allowed. If a horse is sold during the season, the nomination will go with the horse for the remainder of the season. Nominations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

BCFDI Point System

Throughout the season the BCFDI will keep track of points from all BCFDI side pots and races. The point system starts at 10 points for 1st in either 1D or 2D and goes down by 1 point to 10th place. The points are awarded to nominated horses only. There is 1 point awarded for attendance of a race. 

All BCFDI Futurity/Derby side pots, races and finals will be a 2D format with a half-way split. For example if there are 15 riders in the Futurity the split will be half-way, so 7 riders in the 1D and 8 riders in the 2D. Even numbers of riders would be split evenly. Knocked barrels and no times will be taken out of this split. 

Producers Guidelines

Any open barrel race may add a BCFDI Futurity and Derby side pot. The side pot is very simple to add to your race. The producer will fill out a race submission form at least one (1) week before event/barrel race so there is time to get it on the BCFDI calendar. BCFDI producers may set the entry fee as they see fit, most common is $20 - $30/entry. Entry fees and added money are at the discretion of the producer. There are no fees due to the BCFDI. Side pot entries must enter the open  category AND the 2D Futurity or Derby side pot. Race producers will do the 2D spilt of half-way and the payout as they see fit, most common is 60/40. Race results are required to be submitted to BCFDI within (1) week of the race date via race result form. If you would like to do a BCFDI Futurity Derby race that is not a side pot, please email the BCFDI directly. 

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BC Futurity Derby Incentive Year End & Finals

BCFDI 2023 FINALS is September 23 & 24, 2023 at Kamloops Race Central

The BCFDI Finals for 2022 was another very successful and we are planning on making 2023 even bigger and better. There will be year end prizes for points accumulated throughout the year. These prizes and places will be determined part way through the season once we have acquired our sponsorship. 

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