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BC Barrel Futurity Derby Leading Stallions Standings

2021 Derby Champions

2021 Leading Derby Stallion
Owned by Renee Rae Willis

1D 1st ~ Tiffany Munsey / Fame Dun Bother Me

1D 2nd ~ Taylor Jane Gardner / SR Caroline Chrome

1D 3rd ~ Taylor Jane Gardner / A Frenchmans Ledoux

1D 4th ~ Dalyce Temple / RNR Breannas Guy

1D 5th ~ Carman Pozzobon / A Streaking Hula

2D 1st ~ Michelle Goodman / Triple Crown Perks

2D 2nd ~ Chelsea Plecas / Classy French Cowboy

2D 3rd ~ Mary-Ann Young / Acer Dee Bar

2D 4th ~ Lisa Manuel / Zuma Salsa Rocket

2D 5th ~ Shae-Lynn Ringrose / SwiftMissCash

2021 Futurity Champions

2021 Leading Futurity Stallion 
Qwned by Simmone Fowler

1D 1st ~ Joleen Downey / SF Eyeaweebitfamous

1D 2nd ~ Carman Pozzobon / Hulas War Chic

1D 3rd ~ Laura James / Beamers Red Mercedes

1D 4th ~ Jaylene Herbst / Cash In The Nite

1D 5th ~ Sarah Gerard / CR Tuff April Shower

2D 1st ~ Kirsten Gjerde, Teresa Pederson / Stolen Hot Identity

2D 2nd ~ Shenelle Neyedli / Sugar My Lena

2D 3rd ~ Mandy Schultz / TM Cash In My Soxs

2D 4th ~ Keely Durrell / Gold Pumps

2D 5th ~ Kate Harris / Red Eye Jess​​


BC Barrel Futurity Derby Incentive Standings

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